Partitioning off unused data center space saves energy. Unneeded CRAC units may be turned off, reducing energy consumption and and lowering your whole life costs.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Installing PlenaForm® baffles under my raised floor to direct air to the required areas, I was able to shut down 5 of my 8 twenty ton air handlers. This saves my organization thousands of dollars a year in electricity and maintenance costs.”
Denny Hug, Vice President Data Centers, Connectria

Approximate savings by turning off 5 CRAC units for one year:

  • $7-10K to operate or $7K x 5 units = $ 35,000.00
  • $12-15K to maintain or $12K x 5 units = $ 60,000.00
  • Approximate net energy savings for one year = $ 95.000.00
  • Less approximate cost to partition a 60 ft. run (including labor) = $ 2,528.00
  • One Year ROI = $ 92,472.00

“We were only utilizing about 50% of our new Data Center build-out. A/C was free to spread into the unoccupied space. We considered purchasing another 20 ton CRAC unit to counteract this spread of cold air before we found out about the PlenaForm System. Our total cost to install it was about $ 1,600.00 and our in house maintenance person installed it himself in 2 days. Not only did we reserve capital, our servers are operating about 10 degrees colder than prior to the installation.”

Floor height at this location: 26” Scottrade

“We have a 6 year lease on a 30K data center space and only about 30% of the square footage is currently used. We partitioned off the unused space, were able to turn off 4 air conditioners and plus we have more concentrated air where our equipment is. Initially we spent about $ 5,600.00 on PlenaForm baffles and we are looking at saving approx.$ 66,000.00 a year x the 5 years left on our contract if we never grow into the rest of the space. What’s cool is that if our rack deployment grows and we need to move the baffles, we can just cut the cable ties and move it.”

Floor height at this location: 24” Lockhead Martin

“We partitioned off one long 8 foot corridor, the entrance ramp and some unoccupied space, plus we created a partition under the floor with PlenaForm baffles from the CRAC unit over to our hottest aisle in our room. Surprisingly, our CRAC unit #1 reduced its operation by 50% and CRAC unit #2 was reduced by nearly 75%. Our servers are operating 8-12 degrees cooler than prior to the installation of PlenaForm. We are currently pulling together our data about how much money this installation save us. Our total cost was about $900, plus we installed it ourselves in one day. It really does work.”

Floor height at this location: 12” Emerson

“Our console operators were wearing hats and coats while the weather in Houston was 95 degrees outside. We wanted our employees to be more comfortable so we partitioned off the console area. This also improved the air flow to another room adjacent to the console area.”

Floor height at this location: 12” University of Texas

“We built our co-location data center for growth so we only needed to supply air conditioning to the occupied space. When new customers added rows of racks we moved the PlenaForm raised floor partition system with each row addition. It was easy to install. Plenaform baffles were also used to stop dust during construction phases.”

Data Center in Paris, France

“We built out our new data center for growth and we did not need to supply air conditioning to vacant space so we installed PlenaForm baffles to partition off under the floor. When we expand our equipment racks all we have to do is cut the cable ties and easily remove the baffles.”

BJC Health System in O’Fallon, MO

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