PlenaForm® Baffle System

The PlenaForm® Baffle System is an effective raised floor partition system for controlling air flow distribution in raised floor data centers.

Suggested Applications:

1. Console operations located on the raised floor? Partitioning off under Control Centers improves operator comfort. This is a before picture (note the winter coats & hats).

2. Zone your room for less. Partition off vacant data center space. If you wall off a section of the data center because you are building a NOC or because it is unused, there is no need to pump air under the floor. Even if there are no perforated tiles you will leak air unnecessarily.
3. Easily cool a hot spot with PlenaForm dedicated airflow ‘partitioning’. Static pressure is increased delivering a higher volume of cooling through perforated tiles at a further distance from the CRAC units. To maintain velocity pressure to particular ‘hot zones’, PlenaForm partition baffles help maintain the static pressure further away from a CRAC unit. They can be used as “flow guides”, that is, they can be used to create cool or hot spot channels within the plenum to direct the flow to specified regions.

4. Guide the cold air and keep it “fenced” in. Seal off perimeter corridors and walkways so that more concentrated cold air is dedicated for the equipment areas.

5. Create dedicated cold aisle partitioning to maintain air velocity pressure further away from the CRAC units. Position perforated floor tiles in the cold aisles in front of the server racks. Racks should be lines up in alternating rows with cold air intakes all facing one aisle and hot air exhaust facing the other. This separation of hot and cold air provides better uniformity of air temperatures, which can boost overall facility efficiency.

6. Optimize your cooling. Seal off unused space that does not require chilled pressurized airflow. Without dedicated partitioning, as the air moves further away from a CRAC unit, the air velocity decreases.

7. Seal off under non-transformer based PDU’s.

8. Install inside servers racks to stop lateral heat transfer.


The key to controlling the airflow distribution is the ability to influence the pressure distribution (or the flow field) in the plenum. For specified (horizontal) floor dimensions and total flow rate, the pressure distribution is governed by the following parameters:

  • Plenum height
  • Open area of perforated tiles
  • Distribution of open area on the floor
  • Relative positions of CRAC units and perforated tiles
  • Presence of under-floor blockages

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