Raised Floor Partition System Installation Tips

PlenaForm baffles are scored both vertically and horizontally so that sections can be removed or added to meet any height or width requirement. The continuous hole pattern allows attachment to any style raised floor pedestal.

1. Before installing, pull up random floor tiles in the area to be partitioned and determine the areas with the least amount of subfloor obstructions.

TIP: Computer room raised floors can vary in depth underneath even though the raised floor surface is level. Measure several locations under the raised floor to verify the height from the concrete to the bottom of the stringer before separating baffles to a specific height.

2. Round up dimension to the next highest score mark and separate at desired height. Example: Stringer height is 18-1/2”, separate at 19” score, flexing the baffles at the floor when installing them.

TIP: Folding first at desired height facilitates separation. Scissors may also be used.

3. Before starting the installation or pulling up all the raised floor tiles in the area to be partitioned, stage the panels on the raised floor, aligning the center score with the floor tiles, as well as overlapping each baffle. Pop out the rivet holes to receive the cable ties and attachment rivets.

TIP: Remember to allow for the 1-1/2” lateral overlap per baffle!

4. To attach horizontal baffles together, first pop out corresponding holes about every 6” on adjacent baffles as shown.

5. Join baffles together with the PF-RR screw rivets, firmly snap screw head until flush with washer head for a snug assembly.

It’s a snap to install!

6. To attach to raised floor pedestals, align the vertical score line with the center of the raised floor pedestal, pop-out adjacent holes, and attach with cable ties. Pull the baffle straight and taught, tighten cable ties and trim off excess. Continue adding baffles one at a time.

TIP: Tip For congested areas under the data center raised floor area to be partitioned: Pre-stage the baffles and make templates to accommodate power feeds, cable trays, etc. before installing.

Patch sections that have been notched with smaller pieces where required.

TIP: To install PlenaForm raised floor partition system for a 36” high finished floor height where the distance from the bottom of the concrete floor to the bottom of the stinger is 35”. Add a 12” high baffle section to the 24” baffle. This takes into account the 1” vertical overlap (11” + 24” = 35”). Estimated time to install a 24” high 50 foot run is approximately 2 people for 3 hours. Actual times may vary depending on sub-floor conditions.

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