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General Questions:

1. What materials are your products made from?
PlenaForm® Baffles, PlenaFill® Blanking Panels and PF-TLiner100 cable tray liner are die cut flame retardant polypropylene compound. 

2. How do I buy your products?
You can purchase our products through one of our many authorized resellers worldwide. Click the Contact Us link to request the names of authorized resellers in your area.

3. Can I order samples of your products?
Yes, we provide sample kits of our products at no charge. Click on the Request a Sample link.

4. Are your products made in the USA?
Yes, all of our products are made in the USA.

5. Where are you located?
We are located in St. Louis, Missouri – United States

6. Are your products recyclable?
Yes, contact any local recycler that accepts polypropylene compounds.

7. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we have authorized resellers worldwide. Find a reseller in your area by using the Contact Us link, or call 1-636-537-0007.

8. Do you have a MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet?
Yes, on the Technical Documents tab on the bottom of our home page.

9. Are PlenaForm System Products RoHS or REACH Compliant?
Yes, on the Technical Documents tab on the bottom of our home page.

10. Are your products Fire rated?
Yes, PlenaForm, PlenaFill and the cable tray liner have a UL V-0 94 rating.

11. What is the difference between PlenaForm and PlenaFill?

PlenaForm is a snap together baffle system that blocks or directs air flow under a raised floor. PlenaFill is a scalable blanking panel installed in server racks to stop bypass airflow.

12. Do you have a brochure you can send me?
Yes, click here: PlenaForm Brochure. You can also email us at: sales@compuspace-usa.com with your mailing address and we will send you a hard copy.

PlenaFill 27U Blanking Panels

13. What is a U or RU?
One U or RU (rack unit) = 1.75″. Servers are measured in U form factors. For example a 3U high server is 3 x 1.75″ = 5.25″h.

14. How many RU’s of coverage will each sheet of PlenaFill provide?
PF-27U 19″ wide sheets are 27 RU’s or 27 x 1.75″ = 47.25″. They come in packs of 10, so one pack = 270 U’s.

15. Do your blanking panels come with attachment hardware?
The attachment hardware must be ordered separately according to EIA rail style. See page 6 on brochure.

16. How many rivets/screws will I need to purchase for attaching the PlenaFill blanking panels?
It depends on how the blanking panels will be used. If the panels are installed in single RU sections, two rivets/screws will be needed for each section. If entire panels or large sections are used, one rivet/screw at every sixth or seventh U will be sufficient. Typically customers use 150 fasteners for every pack of ten blanking panels.

17. I currently use steel blanking panels in my data center but I’m considering a more lightweight and cost-effective solution. How do your blanking panels compare in price?
PlenaFill blanking panels cost significantly less than steel, injection molded, or plastic panels. They are quick to install, as cage nuts are not required, saving labor costs.

18. Can your blanking panels be used in a space smaller than one RU?
PlenaFill blanking panels can easily be cut with scissors, they also fit behind face plates, and can be notched to allow passage for cable,

19. Are blanking panels used for aesthetic purposes only?
While blanking panels improve aesthetics in the data center, their main function is to block hot air recirculation, thereby reducing cooling costs and improving efficiency.

20. If I have 8,000 RU’s to cover, how many PlenaFill blanking panels do I need to order?
Our blanking panels are 27 RU’s each, so you would need approx 297 panels. (8,000/27)

21. Is it true that I only need to use blanking panels in large spaces and that smaller gaps don’t really matter?
Any gap in the front of a rack can impact the inlet temperature for rack-mounted equipment. A 1U gap can leak temperatures that are just as hot and damaging as a larger gap.


PlenaForm Baffle System

22. How do I determine how many PlenaForm baffles I need for my raised floor?
For a typical 24″ high raised floor, a product estimator can be accessed by clicking on our Order Estimator link or call us at 1-636-537-0007 and we will prepare the estimate for you.

23. I have a lot of cable trays and wiring under my raised floor. Can PlenaForm still be used?
PlenaForm baffles can be cut to work around under-floor obstructions. They can also be patched to cover previously cut openings.

24. What is the formula to calculate how many Computer Room Air Conditioners are needed?

Assuming:100-140 watts/square foot power consumption – convert to AC consumption

140/10,000 = 0.014 x 3415 = 47.81 BTU’s

140 x 10,000 sq. ft. = 1,400,000 watts

1,400,000 watts/1000 = 1400 KW

1 K = 3415 BTU’s

1400 x 3415 = 4,781,000 (BTU’s)/12,000 (tons) = 398.42 tons/30 tons per AC = 13.28 AC units

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